Difference Between Love and Lust

Let me try and point out the main differences between love and lust here:
1- Emotions and Feelings
When you are in love, there is affection, commitment, intimacy, and security in your relationship. There is a desire to help and please your partner. You feel happy when you see your partner.
Partners talk and resolve relationship problems. You become selfless and you learn to love your best friend – your partner.
While in lust, there is just physical attraction or sexual desire in mind. There is an intense feeling of need and passion. There might never be any mental connection with people when they are lusting.
2- Physical Chemistry and Time
In love, the physical chemistry carries on for a very long period. True love only deepens with the passage of time, and where there is permanent commitment, it stays throughout life.
But in lust – it’s short lived or just a temporary phase. It comes on strong and right away. It may dissipate or deepen with the passage of time – depends. Mostly, it lasts only to fulfill desires.
Lust can be called a romantic infatuation, while love binds people and keeps them together even after the infatuation fades.
3- Personal Front and Issues
At the personal front, love is a commitment you make to each other with genuine intention in mind. You think about the other person’s feelings before taking any action.
Their issues and problems are of concern to you because you care.
In lust, you only have a mutually pleasurable relationship, which is like having fun for a short time period and moving your different ways. You don’t really bother about each other’s lives and what your partner undergoes.
4- Indicators and Signs
When you are in love, there is confidence, faithfulness and loyalty in you. You make efforts to resolve difference. You are willing to make sacrifices for each other, and you listen to each other’s opinions.
Lust on the other hand is full of intense emotions of desire, passion, and acquisitiveness.
You don’t expect anything when you are in love, it’s unconditional. While lust is conditional and survives only if it gets what it wants.
5- Overall Results
Love results in, or shall I say it gives you peace, security and a solid partnership. This in turn leads to an ideal atmosphere to raise a happy family with confident kids.
Lust often leads to sexual frustration, emotional rigidity, and unhappiness. However, if there’s lust from both sides, it results in pleasure, passion, and zest for life too.
Although lust is the first stage of love and can often lead to lasting friendships and romantic relationships, it can even result in a person having an emotionally damaging behavior.
Remember, that love is the real deal – it is unconditional. Whereas, in lust you are only interested in what can be done for self-pleasure.
Lust may develop into love, but it stays lust until that time, isn’t it?
If you want to transform your relationship from lust to love, then pay attention to your partner’s need, love, respond, and support him or her.
If you feel you’ve found love, then express and share your feelings with your partner. You need to trust your partner, and that might develop your relationship and take it from lust to love.


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