Etiquette as it has to do with the “Political”

Political analysis and by extension anything “Political” is not for those that adopt “Middle-of-the-road approach”. It is a radical profession and shuns “Political correctness”.
You can’t be a political analyst and at the same time a bandwagonist. It’s not for the frail hearted. You should own up to your political convictions even if the whole world is against you.
In politics there are different schools of thoughts with divergent views on politics which means that we can’t all hold the same political opinions.
Political arguments can be likened to a litigation in a court of competent jurisdiction. “Nothing is wrong until proven otherwise with established claims/facts”. In politics, we work with hypothesis, empirical evidences et cetera.
When you come on Facebook don’t encroach on people’s right to political opinions. We can only disagree to agree hence our slogan “CONSENSUS”. Let me borrow a saying from a distinguished professor of public administration and my former lecturer; Gregory Nwizu, “CONVINCE ME AND TAKE ME HOME”.
In this part of the world we have very low political education. You’re not a political analyst because you read news papers, listen to news and argue vehemently. Although we may all be equal on Facebook but outside here we know who is who, we know our onions and we operate on different political pedestal.
I’m taking my time as a political analyst by training to explain this because people take political posts on Facebook very personal and they feel everybody should echo their political sentiments.
Out of many let me use the Biafran issue as a case study.
Those supporting Biafra have every right to do so because they feel alienated from the political scheme of things in this country and their agitations are provided for in the international law. Those saying no to Biafra also have the right to do so because it is enshrined in the 1999 constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria. Respect each others political opinion. Disagree to agree. It doesn’t call for vocal vituperations(hate speeches). At the end of the day one will surely prevail.
In conclusion, stop attacking people that have a different political opinion to yours. Rather engage them in a constructive debate and reach a common political ground. “ARGUMENTUM AD HOMINEM” is condescending and is used by those who can’t beat you in an intelligent argument.


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