Ronaldo Feels Mistreated in Spain


Cristiano Ronaldo feels persecuted, tired, he believes he doesn’t deserve the treatment he receives in Spain, and here are the reasons why.┬áThe first motive for Ronaldo’s displeasure has to do with his run-ins with the tax office. He considers he never tried to hide anything from anyone.

The Real Madrid star had to offer a statement in front of a judge. He believes he followed the law and in good will. He has been accused of defrauding 14 million euros.

‘If I weren’t Cristiano Ronaldo, I wouldn’t be here’, the striker told Real Madrid. As reported by ‘Marca’, Ronaldo is extremely angry.

The second reason for Ronaldo’s annoyance has to do with referees’ treatment and the review commitee’s inflexible stance. A determination which has upset the Portugal international.

In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo exploded a few days ago and took a swipe at the decision to uphold his ban. Real Madrid have backed the player which has contributed to calm his temper.


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