The Responsible Woman

To the men out there, every of them would agree that a responsible woman can change everything about a home. Today I will be sharing with you what makes a responsible woman. You will be surprise what we have on the list.
  1. The responsible woman is not a perfect woman, she has flaws and she makes mistakes but she owns up, learns from it and turns it into a success
  2. The responsible woman does not depend on any man for her needs to be met but rather takes the initiative to build an enterprise for herself to be economically independent.
  3. The responsible woman does not only pay tithe to the church but to herself as well..she deposits at least 1/10 of her income in her savings account just for a rainy day
  4. The responsible woman is a prayerful woman; she goes down on her knees to battle out life spiritually no matter her status..her life is based on the word of God and she projects moral values
  5. The responsible woman adds value to herself, her personality and what she stands for..she has something to offer intellectually and not just her looks.
  6. The responsible woman does not negotiate with her conscience but stays loyal to her moral principles.
  7. The responsible woman is supportive and shares the same principles and core values with her partner and the family as a whole
  8. The responsible woman is a healthy woman..she eats right, keeps fit and stays clean..
  9. The responsible woman is a mother not just to her biological children but also  mothers other children in need ..She’s ever ready to extend a helping hand in every circumstance.
  10. The responsible woman is a decent yet fashionable woman. Wears the appropriate attire for every occasion..she slays and stays sleek all the time
  11. The responsible woman makes a difference with even the slightest opportunity given and she makes an impact in the society.

That’s what we have on the list. Let’s hear your brief view of the subject matter.



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